Mobile storytelling instruction
Professional instruction on MoJo for media products developers.
Benefit for free
A practical training on MOJO Journalism offered by USAGM, ASIST and AGORA.
This 3-day course will cover:
• new Mobile Journalism (MOJO) technologies and social video trends

• story discovery and verification of content

• practical tips for good mobile video and audio coverage

• filming sequences, framing and editing videos with smartphone

• recording interviews

• sharing multimedia content and reaching audiences

After the 3 - day workshop, journalists will gain hands-on experience with many storytelling techniques in use by VOA and RFE/RL for creating engaging, shareable visual content for new generation audiences.
All training participants should have a smartphone (Android or iPhone) with WiFi and access to Facebook and Instagram, FilmicPro and iMovie (iOS) or GoPro Quik and CameraFV5 (Android).
At the end of the course participants will receive Diplomas.
Please, install and try these FREE APPS before the training:

  1. Quik - video for social media
  2. InShot - video for social media and website
  3. Mojo - video for social media and stories
  4. Filmic Pro — OPTIONAL (for a small fee)


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