Solution Journalism for new jornalism
Second cycle of instruction,

Nov 25-26, 2019 (from 3pm to 7:30pm)
November 25-26
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Solution Journalism
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What are we up to?
  • At our hands-on workshop you will learn all the nitty-gritty about solutions journalism:
  • What it is – and what it is not?
  • Why to bring SJ into your reporting practice?
  • How to identify a potential solutions angle and turn a 'traditional' news piece into a solutions one?
  • How to structure a solutins story?
  • Where to look for solutions stories?
  • Together, we will make an analysis of a SJ story, check several best practice examples and discuss your story ideas.
What do we intend to?
Run a modular instruction program for the first cohort of fifteen practicing journalists working in the independent media outlets who are interested to put in practice the new tools of solution journalism that is a new type of journalist product not yet practiced in Moldova. Popularization of the new journalist technic will be realised by organising three instruction modular trainings held by Romanian and Ukrainian experts.
How does it work?
Target group
Journalists affiliated to independent media outlets.
Journalists, working in the independent media outlets in Moldova
Course structure
Run the modular instruction program in the period September – November 2019, one module per month. Each module includes 3 days of training, 3 hours per day. Guest trainers invited from Romania and Ukraine will teach the modules. Thus, three different trainers will teach three different modules.
Expected results
The total expected number of participants is fifteen. All participants will attend all three instruction modules. Participants will be selected from the main independent free media outlets that declared their interest to start practicing after the instruction the new journalist skill.
For curious birds!
Recommended readings:
Kick of to Solution Journalism
November 30 - December 1
Third cycle of instruction
Data Journalism
Data journalism is a journalism specialty reflecting the increased role that numerical data is used in the production and distribution of information in the digital era. It reflects the increased interaction between content producers (journalist) and several other fields such as design, computer science and statistics.
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First Training September 11-12
Lucie Černá

Solutions Journalism in CEE (Instructor September 11th - 13th)
Lucie Černá works for Transitions where she leading a program promoting Solutions Journalism in Central and Eastern Europe. She is involved in the topic since 2017, currently she is also mentoring journalists in the central European region helping them to bring solutions lens to their reporting practice.
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