Who we are
Association for Student and Youth Initiatives' Support ASIST is a non-governmental youth organization registered on February 23, 2006. The mission of ASIST is to encourage civic education and civic youth involvement in local, national and regional projects for strengthening civil society in the Republic of Moldova.

The main goals of the Association are to help develop the community of students and youth from Republic of Moldova by assisting young people in developing projects, enhancing critical thinking, encouraging student participation, providing consultancy to youth and student organizations, linking students with NGOs, creating networks and constructive dialogue platforms.
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Ongoing Projects
Everyday we work hard to make things happen.
Good governance for young people
Period of implementation: November 2019 - August 2020
The project aims to educate young people from Ialoveni region about the principles of good governance and their application in practice, as well as the promotion of the principles of participatory democracy among youth.
The project is structured in three training rounds for a total of 90 pupils. Each round includes interactive presentations and 8 study visits to public institutions and civil society organizations. Organization of a "good governance hackathon" for 20 most active pupils at the end of the course.
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Academy of Citizen Journalism
Period of implementation: July 2019 – July 2020
The project aims to improve the media environment in Moldova by training and empowering a new generation of journalists and independent media creators that will challenge the politically biased mainstream media, oppose foreign and domestic propaganda and disinformation, and reduce the impact of junk journalism. The project is set as a training and mentorship program for entry-level/mid-career journalists as well as independent media creators who want to produce meaningful and entertaining content. The program include two-month media-training courses for 60 beginning and 60 advance journalists.
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Solution Journalism for new jornalism
Period of implementation: September – November 2019
The project objective is to promote the "solution journalism" that is a combination of investigative journalism and advocacy practice that highlights and existing societal problem and proposes solution to tackle it. This objective will be realized through a series of modular trainings for practicing journalists.
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ON/OFF the Record
Period of implementation: 1 May – 30 November 2019
Project description: The project has two key objectives. First, to increase the level of qualitative and impartial information delivered for everyday citizens by setting the ground for direct open discussions on statewide issues established among three groups of stakeholders: civil society actors, policy makers and journalist community. This objective will be realized through a series of online debates and podcasts.
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Studii cu JOB sau studii fără JOB?
Perioada de implementare: 1 May – ongoing
Studii cu JOB sau studii fără JOB este un program de orientare profesională și ghidare în carieră.
Scopul programului este de a ajuta tinerii să se determine cu domeniul de studii și de identificare a domeniului de activitate profesională care le va asigura venitul și satisfacție în viitor.
Programul este compus dintr-o serie de întâlniri cu tineri specialiști din multiple domenii de activitate care au reușit să-și securizeze o poziție profesională și să înțeleagă locul acesteia pe piața muncii.
Organizat pe cont propriu ASIST.
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Simulation on Electoral Systems
Period of implementation: November 15, 2018 – May 15, 2019
Project description: This project aims to contribute to the modernization, development and democratization of the electoral system. In the project will take part ninety carefully selected participants. The instructed participants are aimed to become future grassroots agents of democratic change. All participants will take part in an intense instruction module on electoral systems made out of a theoretical and practical simulation. Our expectation is to strengthen the civil society capacity to contribute to the modernization and democratization of electoral system in Moldova.
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Late Night Talks
Period of implementation: November 2017 – ongoing
This project aims to increase the standards of academic education in Moldova and to expose interested youth to higher a higher level of academic information. For this purpose once a week ASIST organizes a public lecture on a pre decided topic taken from social or natural sciences offered by invited professors mainly educated in the best European or American universities. All lectures are held in English and are free to everyone interested.
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ASIST mission is to encourage civic education and civic youth involvement in local, national and regional projects for strengthening civil society in the Republic of Moldova. We strive to share the values of an open and democratic society, to develop civic activism and encourage civil participation, to have an input to the system of education and encourage active citizenship.
Our main goals
We struggle to change
Develop the community of students and youth
Enhance critical thinking
Encourage student participation
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